Improving Care for Kids on Medicaid

October 2018: Lawmakers have the opportunity to improve care for kids with complex medical conditions by supporting two pieces of legislation currently making their way through Congress: the Accelerating Kids’ Access to Care Act and the Advancing Care for Exceptional Kids Act. We estimate that approximately 1/3 of the nation's children with cancer are covered by Medicaid. Under the current Medicaid system, parents of children with multiple, life-threatening disabilities struggle to coordinate the complex care of their kids.


accelerating kids’ access to care act:

About this Legislation: Currently, if a child enrolled in Medicaid needs to see a provider outside of their home state, the out-of state provider must first be screened and enrolled in the child’s home state Medicaid program, despite already being enrolled within their own state’s Medicaid program. This process could delay a child’s access to care — care that could not be met by an in-state provider. Children with cancer have encountered this situation sometimes after travelling to another state for time sensitive care.

The Accelerating Kids’ Access to Care Act will create a national enrollment pathway to help alleviate the administrative burden on providers and ensure that children with cancer are able to receive out-of-state care when they need it.

More from CCCA: Our letter thanking the original sponsors of this legislation is here.

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advancing care for exceptional (ACE) kids act:

The House Energy and Commerce Committee approved this legislation in September, taking it one step closer to passage. This bill (H.R.3325) has bipartisan support from 124 Representatives! Its companion bill (S.428) is cosponsored by 39 Senators.

About this Legislation: The ACE Kids Act would improve care for approximately two million children with medical complexities in the Medicaid program. The bill would provide more consistency for children with medical complexity as they often need to travel across state lines for care, which currently results in coverage issues since Medicaid coverage may differ from state to state. We are honored to join the nation’s leading children’s hospitals, along with the Children’s Hospital Association, in supporting this legislation.

More from CCCA: In September, Children’s Cause signed on to this coalition letter to Congressional leaders supporting the ACE Kids Act.

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