In May 2018, Congress passed the STAR Act!

The Childhood Cancer Survivorship, Treatment, Access & Research (STAR) Act of 2017 is sweeping childhood cancer legislation that will help children with cancer live longer, healthier lives. Learn more about this bill. →

On May 22nd, the House of Representatives passed the most comprehensive childhood cancer legislation ever introduced, sending it to the president's desk to be signed into law. The U.S. Senate previously passed this life-saving legislation in March.

The Childhood Cancer STAR Act is the most comprehensive childhood cancer legislation ever taken up by Congress. It represents important bipartisan legislation designed to advance pediatric cancer research and child-focused cancer treatments, while also improving childhood cancer surveillance and providing enhanced resources for survivors.

We thank our champions on Capitol Hill for leading the way toward this huge milestone for our community, and we also thank each and every one of you who've reached out to your Members of Congress over the past few months -- and years! Every email, tweet, phone call and meeting from the tireless advocates in our community played a part in this monumental victory for our kids. This has been a true collaborative effort with many organizations and coalitions working together to get us here.