Did you know that giving appreciated stock held for more than a year could be more beneficial than giving cash?

If you donate stock that has increased in value since it was first purchased over a year ago—and if you itemize deductions—you can take a charitable deduction for the stock's fair market value on the day it is given to Children’s Cause.

The Benefits

  • You receive an immediate income-tax deduction for the fair market value of the securities on the date of transfer.
  • Capital gains taxes are not paid on the transfer.

Please consult a tax professional for details.

Your broker can assist you with the transfer of stock to the The Children's Cause for Cancer Advocacy account with Fidelity using the information below.

DTC Number: 0226
Account Name: The Children’s Cause for Cancer Advocacy
Tax ID# 11-3485631
Account Number: Z48772081

Please contact Charlcie Steuble at or 202-552-7392 so that we know the gift is coming and can ensure it gets processed properly.