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Below, we offer an easy way for residents of New York state to write their Assemblyman on the issue of remote technology for critically ill students. The Virtual Inclusion Plan grant program (VIP Program) will provide funds for schools to purchase remote classroom technology, which enables students with medical conditions to remain connected to their classroom and continue their education uninterrupted.

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Remote technology eliminates the isolation that kids with life-threatening conditions like cancer face while missing school to undergo treatment. Maryland enacted similar legislation called Peyton's Law, named after a girl with cancer who used a "telepresence robot" to stay connected to her classroom while undergoing radiation therapy.

After you fill in your basic information on the form below, you’ll be taken to an edit-able letter that you can customize before sending along to your state-level elected officials. We encourage you to share a bit about your experience with childhood cancer to make your letter more effective. Thank you for helping all of our kids be included and connected!

Our State Advocacy page includes a more comprehensive overview of a wide range of state legislative efforts related to childhood cancer issues.