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With a September 30th deadline looming, the Senate is considering a bill that would be devastating for childhood cancer patients. The Graham-Cassidy legislation would erode important patient protections that allow cancer survivors to maintain health insurance. 

The Graham-Cassidy bill would limit critical Medicaid funding and roll back important essential health benefit protections. It could also bring back caps on coverage, endangering access to critical care for cancer patients.

Excerpt from a Cancer Leadership Council (CLC) letter signed by CCCA expressing opposition to the Graham-Cassidy legislation:

Every segment of the cancer patient population — children with cancer, those diagnosed with cancer as older adults, those diagnosed with a second cancer, and adolescents, young adults, and older adults who are facing long-term survivorship — will be harmed by Graham-Cassidy. They will confront challenges in obtaining access to affordable and adequate insurance in a system of block grants with funding shortfalls and in which benefit, cost, and cost-sharing protections are compromised. Read Full Letter → 

The Children's Cause believes we need - and can achieve - bipartisan solutions to strengthen our healthcare system. Therefore, we ask Congress to oppose the Graham-Cassidy legislation. Please join us by reaching out to your Senators today:

We continue to collect healthcare testimonials from childhood cancer families, and we would love to hear from you -- especially if you have experience with coverage under CHIP, Medicaid or the ACA exchanges. Your stories make us much stronger advocates in Washington as we fight for quality, affordable healthcare for our nation's children.

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