Kids have big dreams.

That’s why we’re working toward a future where every child with cancer can grow up and chase their dreams.

This holiday season, we’re sharing stories of kids with cancer and survivors like Maybin. In 2016, Maybin’s mom dreamed that her daughter would live to see her fourth birthday after being diagnosed with childhood leukemia. Today, Maybin is flourishing and she has big dreams of becoming an astronaut someday.

Here at Children's Cause for Cancer Advocacy, our dream is that each child with cancer will have a long healthy life.

By supporting our life-saving advocacy work, you help kids like Maybin survive and thrive — so they can reach for the stars.

Please give generously this holiday season:

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a look back on a year of incredible progress —

We can’t talk about helping kids reach for the stars without mentioning the Childhood Cancer STAR Act! This summer, we achieved a huge legislative win with the passage of the most comprehensive childhood cancer legislation ever introduced in Congress.

Here’s more of what your donations have helped us achieve this year:

  • Secured another ten years of funding for the bipartisan Children’s Health Insurance Program, giving families peace of mind that their child’s care will be covered for the foreseeable future.

  • Co-hosted an externally-led Patient Focused Drug Development (EL-PFDD) conference on chemo-induced hearing loss in pediatric oncology. This was the first-ever EL-PFDD that specifically focused on childhood cancer and gave families a real opportunity to impact work being done at the FDA.

  • Presented our inaugural college scholarships to Malachi Thompson and Melissa Peace, two childhood cancer survivors who are making their dreams come true by achieving a college education.

With your support, we mobilized our grassroots network to send thousands of letters to Congress, and we empowered advocates to be a stronger and more effective presence through webinars and training materials.

And we did what we do best — provide thoughtful analysis and recommendations on health care and cancer policy to the policymakers who hold the power to create real meaningful change for kids, survivors, and families.

our dreams for the year ahead —

Our policy agenda for the new Congress includes:

  • Tackling high prescription drug costs, an especially challenging issue when it comes to precision medicine. We’ll fight to ensure that cost does not prevent children from having access to new agents that can be more effective and less toxic than current regimens.

  • Protecting pre-existing condition coverage, so that no child is ever denied care because of their cancer history.

  • Supporting the reintroduction of the Clinical Treatment Act so that states’ Medicaid plans will be required to cover the cost of clinical trials.

  • Improving survivorship care: The vast majority of childhood cancer survivors suffer from late effects as a result of their treatment — which can be severe and even life-threatening. We’re working on survivorship legislation to improve access to high-quality care for the half-million survivors of childhood cancer in the United States.

And we’re dreaming really big for 2019: For the first 19 years that the Children’s Cause has been around, we’ve focused almost exclusively on federal policy. Next year - as we celebrate our 20th anniversary - we plan to tackle state-level policy for the first time with pilot advocacy projects. But we need your help to make this work possible!

Your tax-deductible, year-end donation will launch us into 2019 in a position to start tackling these goals right away.

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