January 2018: CHIP Receives 6-Year Reauthorization

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Last Chance to Register for Wednesday's CCCA Webinar on Navigating Childhood Cancer Resources

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This webinar is designed for families impacted by childhood cancer who want to be more informed about the resources and support services available to aid in their child's journey, from diagnosis to survivorship. If you've ever felt overwhelmed by the challenges facing your family and unsure where to go for help, please join us on WednesdayJanuary 31st at 3pm EST for this "Navigating the Childhood Cancer Journey" webinar. 

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Our experts will help guide you through the maze of support services and resources available to families of kids with cancer and survivors. 

Featured speakers will include:

  • Beth Moore, Patient Advocate Foundation
  • Nancy Cincotta, MSW, MPhil, Camp Sunshine
  • Hope Portal Introduction, Coalition Against Childhood Cancer

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After Long Delay, CHIP Receives 6-Year Reauthorization

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Congress agreed to a deal last week to re-open the government with a Continuing Resolution that includes a 6-year extension of the Children's Health Insurance Program. Coming 114 days after CHIP expired, this reauthorization provides long-awaited relief to millions of American families who depend on CHIP for their kids' healthcare, including many families of children with cancer.

The program's reauthorization provides for $124 billion through 2023. For the next two years, the federal government will provide at least 88 percent of CHIP expenses in every state -- an Affordable Care Act provision. After that, the federal match will gradually decrease to lower pre-ACA levels.

Over its twenty-year life, CHIP has been a winner for states and children alike -- which the Children's Cause has been talking about for the last several months. We thank Congress for finally providing families with the assurance of a 6-year program extension.

We especially thank those of you who used our CHIP action alert to send nearly 500 letters to Congress over the past several months urging a reauthorization of CHIP on behalf of the families of children with cancer who rely on this program for their child's care.

Childhood Cancer STAR Act Update


We anticipate that the Senate HELP Committee will hold a public health mark-up early in February, and the Childhood Cancer STAR Act (S.292) may be included on the agenda. If the HELP Committee approves the STAR Act, Chairman Alexander has pledged to move the bill quickly to the Senate for approval and send it to the House for consideration (H.R.820), where we currently have 350 cosponsors - over 80% of the full House! - signed on in support.

To be in the strongest position possible, we need more Senate support. Visit our blog to find out where your Senators stand and how you can help.

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Quick Links | Recommended Reading

  • New Screening Recommendation for Retinoblastoma: The American Academy of Pediatrics has endorsed an American Association of Ophthalmic Oncologists and Pathologists report recommending that at-risk patients be screened for retinoblastoma, an eye cancer most often seen in young children. The report defines "at-risk" as a person with a family history of retinoblastoma in a parent, sibling or close relative. Learn more.
  • FDA Public Workshop -- CDER and You: The Food and Drug Administration Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) is conducting its third annual public workshop for patient advocacy groups on April 3rd. The workshop will include educational presentations about the drug approval process and safety issues. Interested patient advocates can register by March 20th for the in-person meeting in Silver Spring, MD, or to attend via webcast. Learn more.
  • CAR T-cell Therapy Named Advance of the Year by ASCO: A team of cancer experts reviewed 31 new cancer therapies approved over the past year and named CAR T-cell therapy as the most significant, noting that its success in treating recurrent childhood leukemia (ALL) is "one of the most remarkable advances in the treatment of childhood cancer in the last decade." Learn more.
  • Web-Based Platforms & Survivorship Care: Researchers investigated barriers to follow-up care adherence among childhood cancer survivors and the potential of web-based platforms like Passport for Care to make long-term care more accessible. Learn more.


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