Mandatory Vaccine Legislation

July 2015: The Children's Cause for Cancer Advocacy applauds state lawmakers in California for passing Senate Bill 277 that requires all children attending public or private school in California be fully vaccinated. We thank Gov. Jerry Brown for signing the legislation into law, making California the third state in the nation to ban non-medical exemptions for immunizations.

“Enacting stronger vaccination policies should be a priority for every state in the nation. This issue hits close to home for families of children with cancer, since immuno-compromised children rely on the strength of ‘community immunity’ to keep them safe,” said Susan L. Weiner, PhD, president and founder of the Children’s Cause for Cancer Advocacy. “A family battling pediatric cancer faces many unavoidable health challenges, but they should never have the life of their child threatened by a disease that could have been prevented if only their peers had been appropriately vaccinated.”

We join the American Medical Association and other stewards of public health in urging other states to follow California’s lead and enact similar legislation in order to protect and defend our most medically vulnerable citizens, especially children with cancer.


June 2015: The Children’s Cause for Cancer Advocacy applauds the decision of the Supreme Court in King v. Burwell affirming the availability of premium subsidies for consumers in all insurance exchanges. Survivors of childhood cancer are among the 6.5 million Americans who have purchased insurance in the federal marketplace with the assistance of premium subsidies. The Supreme Court decision upholding those subsidies eliminates cancer survivors’ fears that they might lose insurance coverage.

In an opinion for the 6-3 majority, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote, “Congress passed the Affordable Care Act to improve health insurance markets, not to destroy them.” We urge state and federal policymakers to realize the full potential of the Affordable Care Act and its insurance marketplaces.