Our mission: A long, healthy life for every child with cancer.

Children's Cause for Cancer Advocacy (CCCA) is a leading national nonprofit organization working since 1999 to achieve more rapid access to less toxic and more effective therapies; to expand resources for childhood cancer research and care; and to address the needs and challenges of childhood cancer survivors and their families.

The Children's Cause is the strong advocacy and policy voice for children with cancer in national debates on research, new therapy development and health care reform.

The bipartisan STAR Act passed the House of Representatives late last year but failed to advance in the Senate. We have high hopes that we will see this bill - the most comprehensive childhood cancer legislation ever introduced in Congress - signed into law in 2017. As of June, this bill has the support of approximately half of all House members. See if your Rep. is signed on:  Take Action →

what we do

Childhood cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease for our nation’s children, and the health and well being of childhood cancer survivors remains too fragile. The Children’s Cause will continue to press for progress for national policies that can give our children access to the most effective therapies and can normalize their lives as they grow.

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