healthcare debate: better care reconciliation act

The revised Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 (BCRA) retains many provisions that would harm care that children with cancer and survivors need. We all need to oppose this bill. Please join us in speaking up to your Senators!

One third of children with cancer rely on Medicaid when they are diagnosed, and these cuts to Medicaid could threaten the care they receive. The Senate bill also allows states to limit benefits, removing pre-existing protections, allowing for annual and lifetime caps, and jeopardizing follow-up care for survivors. Cancer is a disease of a child's lifetime, and this bill will eliminate critical care.

We urge the Senate to carefully consider any proposals that will impact children with cancer and to work with stakeholder organizations on a bipartisan basis to ensure that children with cancer have access to meaningful and affordable health insurance for their treatment and survivorship care.