Our Summer Intern's Final Thoughts

Nicole writes: As my time in DC comes to a close, I'm reflecting on all the amazing adventures I've gotten to experience this summer. I had the ability to become a long-term tourist in DC, which has granted me so many terrific opportunities:  beautiful morning runs through all the monuments; exploring the many museums; watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off at Lafayette Park; cheering on the Washington Nationals; and playing kickball on the Mall with my fellow classmates.

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Are you meeting with your Representative this August?

While the Senate will be back in session after their quick break, House members will still have the full month off, through Labor Day. And it's an election year for all of them, so they'll be working overtime to be accessible to constituents like you. If you're willing to try to meet with your Representative in August about childhood cancer issues, here are a few tips…

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Lessons Learned in DC: Our Intern's Mid-Summer Update

As I have just passed the halfway point of my internship at Children’s Cause for Cancer Advocacy, I have begun to realize how instrumental the projects I have worked on this summer will be in pursuit of my future aspirations.

I have had the unique ability, thanks to all those that work at CCCA, to view current oncologists in a unique lighting in comparison to my other classmates. I’ve spent the majority of my summer with those who critique the healthcare system and doctors the most. Due to experiencing the healthcare system in this unique way, I have gained some insights that shadowing doctors could have never taught me:

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Summer News Round-Up

We've seen a lot of really interesting headlines cross our desks in just the past week or so and wanted to share some of these with you in one place for easy digestion:

- "Some adult survivors of childhood cancer unconcerned about health"

- "Up to half of childhood cancer survivors will develop hormone disorders"

-"Meet Lola, a Girl Who Gave Her Final Days to Science"

-”Where childhood cancer hits hardest”

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Authorization to Appropriation: Next Steps for STAR Act

Earlier this month, President Donald Trump signed the Childhood Cancer STAR Act into law, authorizing $30 million annually from 2019-2023 for programs and research to combat childhood cancer through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

Now, we work to get the STAR Act fully funded -- and all indications suggest this process is off to a good start! On Thursday, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved a fiscal year 2019 spending bill that includes funding for implementation of STAR.

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