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Our Summer Intern's Final Thoughts

Nicole writes: As my time in DC comes to a close, I'm reflecting on all the amazing adventures I've gotten to experience this summer. I had the ability to become a long-term tourist in DC, which has granted me so many terrific opportunities:  beautiful morning runs through all the monuments; exploring the many museums; watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off at Lafayette Park; cheering on the Washington Nationals; and playing kickball on the Mall with my fellow classmates.

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Lessons Learned in DC: Our Intern's Mid-Summer Update

As I have just passed the halfway point of my internship at Children’s Cause for Cancer Advocacy, I have begun to realize how instrumental the projects I have worked on this summer will be in pursuit of my future aspirations.

I have had the unique ability, thanks to all those that work at CCCA, to view current oncologists in a unique lighting in comparison to my other classmates. I’ve spent the majority of my summer with those who critique the healthcare system and doctors the most. Due to experiencing the healthcare system in this unique way, I have gained some insights that shadowing doctors could have never taught me:

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Meet Nicole, our summer intern

As an undergraduate student at the College of Saint Benedict and St. John’s University, I have had the opportunity to experience life in the small farm town of St. Joseph, Minnesota, engage in a diverse set of classes at two private liberal arts colleges, and gain educational opportunities outside the bounds of Minnesota from professors and staff.

Though it was not the path I had originally intended taking in college, I found myself double majoring in biochemistry and political science by the end of my sophomore year, with a goal of one day becoming a pediatric oncologist.

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