2 New Things We Want Every Childhood Cancer Family to Know About:


With just two weeks to go, we are busy gearing up for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! We are working overtime to ensure that when the calendar flips over to September, we are strongly positioned to boost awareness efforts and mobilize for maximum advocacy impact.

Two of our current projects can't wait until September to share. We want to be sure every childhood cancer caregiver and survivor knows about these two opportunities to strengthen our community:


1. Win $100 by taking our Patient Needs Survey! 

Understanding the challenges of childhood cancer families, patients and survivors is critical to improving treatments and care. At Children's Cause for Cancer Advocacy, responding to real-life issues on affordability, insurance coverage and access to care is a top priority. 

That's where you come in: In partnership with the Patient Advocate Foundation, we're conducting a 5-10 minute online survey of childhood cancer families, patients and survivors to better understand healthcare barriers facing families like yours. Your input strengthens the data we take to policymakers in Washington and state capitols as we fight for improved access to quality, affordable care. 

As a thank you for your time, you'll automatically be entered into a weekly $100 Amazon gift card drawing!  BEGIN SURVEY


2. Register for the live webcast of this chemo-induced hearing loss meeting. 

We've just expanded participation in the September 13th externally-led PFDD workshop on chemotherapy-induced hearing loss in pediatrics to a virtual audience. Now, you can register to join the live webcast of this meeting

We'll have opportunities for webcast participants to weigh in via poll questions and discussion points throughout the half-day workshop. Pre-registration is required and will remain open for virtual participation until the day before the event.  MORE INFO: www.childhoodcancerpfdd.org

September is all about AWARENESS -- and the best way to make people aware of childhood cancer is to share personal stories about its impact on families. By sharing these stories, we celebrate every life, recognize the ongoing struggles of survivors, and honor and remember those we have lost. Please consider sharing your story with us now to help us paint a more vivid picture of childhood cancer this September: