Rescission Package Seeks $7 Billion in CHIP Cuts


The White House has sent the first of several rescission packages to Congress, formally requesting that Congress cut funding that they've previously approved. This first package contains $7 billion in cuts to the Children's Health Insurance Program, including $2 billion from CHIP's Child Enrollment Contingency Fund, which is meant to ensure states have access to funds if there is a higher-than-expected enrollment.

We are grateful that Congress passed a 10-year extension of the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in February and a $3 billion increase in NIH funding as part of the FY2018 omnibus spending bill in March. Now we ask Congress to stand by those commitments and rebuff any rescission attempt that would put our kids at risk.

Since its inception in 1997, CHIP, together with Medicaid, has helped to bring needed services to children with cancer and survivors. CHIP is one of our nation's greatest success stories, helping to ensure that 95 percent of all children in America are enrolled in some form of insurance coverage. The Contingency Fund has already suffered big cuts recently and further reducing those reserves is risky. According to a Washington Post policy reporter's analysis: "The possibility of a state needing to dip into the contingency fund may be higher in the long run, especially if a recession hits and pushes more families to seek public insurance."

Children's healthcare has always had strong bipartisan support. Please take action below and ask Congress to continue to stand up to support life-saving progress in research, science and healthcare access.

Jessica Kean