May is Cancer Research Month


Cancer is the leading cause of death from disease among children and adolescents in the United States. Although substantial progress has been made in the treatment of several types of childhood cancer over the past five decades, progress against other types has been limited.

Even when kids have completed treatment, many survivors of childhood cancer may experience long-term adverse effects from the disease or its treatment. Clearly, more research is needed to develop new, more-effective, and safer treatments for children with cancer.

Making rapid progress against childhood cancers is a high priority for the National Cancer Institute (NCI). But if they don't have the funding, the work cannot be done.

That's where Children's Cause for Cancer Advocacy and you can make a difference.

Become an advocate and stand up for these children with cancer and survivors by joining our free Kids Action Network (KAN). Add your voice to the chorus of parents, survivors, and families fighting to improve the treatment, access, care, and coverage for children with cancer.

Make a donation to Children's Cause today in honor of Cancer Research Month. Please partner with us and support our work financially.

With your help, we can continue to make our children with cancer a priority for research funding during Cancer Research Month and all year long.

Source: National Cancer Institute