FDA Seeking Patient Advocates for New Initiative

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced the formation of a Patient Engagement Collaborative (PEC), an "ongoing forum to discuss how to achieve more meaningful patient engagement in medical product development and other regulatory discussions." (FDA Voice Blog) FDA has issued a call for nominations of patient advocates interested in serving on this new Collaborative.

FDA is seeking a group of diverse representatives from the patient community to participate in the PEC, including patients with personal disease experience and caregivers. (Request for Nominations)

The Children's Cause is urging parents of children with cancer or young adult survivors to consider applying for PEC to ensure that the voice of childhood cancer is heard in the regulatory and review process.

The deadline for applying to the PEC is Monday, January 29, 2017. Please reach out to Children's Cause staff at info@childrenscause.org if you are interested in applying and would like assistance with the nomination.