CHIP Renewal Delayed by Congress

chip - august 2017.png

The current Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is set to expire on October 1st -- a deadline that Congress almost certainly is going to miss. If the program isn't renewed, millions of vulnerable children would face a loss of critical health insurance coverage.

While most states could manage to keep CHIP running briefly past the October 1st expiration of federal funding, at least ten states will run out of funding by the end of the year and most other states' funds will be exhausted by March 2018. Advocates also stress that there will be disruptions to the program before states exhaust their funding, and some states are beginning to issue warning notices to families. Minnesota's state health department sent an urgent letter to its Congressional delegation warning that its funds are depleted and it will have to take "extraordinary measures" to keep kids covered.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee announced today that it will markup legislation to reauthorize CHIP on October 4th -- days after the program is set to expire.

Nine million American children are covered by CHIP. Approximately one-third of children with cancer depend on either Medicaid or CHIP for their treatment.  

As advocates for children with cancer, we're asking Congress to pass a clean, five-year CHIP renewal without any extraneous, complicating attachments -- without further delay. Please join us by taking action: