House Vote on AHCA Expected TODAY

Here's where we stand on the American Health Care Act and how you can reach out to your Representative today to speak up for children with cancer and survivors.

This morning, along with other members of the Cancer Leadership Council, we signed this statement in opposition to this bill. 

You may have heard about the Upton-Long amendment or the MacArthur amendment. The CLC statement breaks these proposed amendments down to explain how they would impact cancer patients and survivors. 

Here's the short of it:

"The American Health Care Act (AHCA), as revised to include the MacArthur amendment and the Upton-Long amendment, remains inadequate to meet the needs of cancer survivors. Instead of protecting people with pre-existing conditions and safeguarding their ability to purchase adequate and affordable health insurance coverage, the revised AHCA offers an inadequate patchwork of risk pools and financial assistance. If the AHCA is approved, cancer patients will be left with no assurance that they can obtain adequate health insurance and the care they need."

Please stand with us to defend affordable, accessible healthcare for children with cancer and childhood cancer survivors. We need all hands on deck today, and that includes YOU!

Please write your Representative using our action alert -- and then call their office, send them a tweet, and share share SHARE. 

Thank you for being an advocate for our kids.

Jessica Kean