Action Day is here! Join us from home.

Today, 200 childhood cancer advocates are storming the halls of Congress with the Alliance for Childhood Cancer Action Day! And there are hundreds more around the country taking part in a virtual day of action -- that's where you come in. 

There is so much going on in Washington right now with the potential to have a big impact on our kids, which is why the 6th Annual Childhood Cancer Action Days is so important.

Please join us in supporting these 200 advocates by backing up their message, wherever you are around the country. Follow along real-time as advocates share their photos and stories on social media, with the hashtags #CCAD2017 and #StepUp. Support their efforts with your re-tweets and shares!

We have three big 'asks' on the Hill today. Here's how you can amplify our efforts from home right now in these priority areas:

Childhood Cancer STAR Act:

RACE Act: 

NIH Funding:

  • Suggested tweet: The current survival rate for many childhood cancers is 0%. Congress, #StepUp with more funding for research at NCI! #CCAD2017
  • Write Congress.

Thank you for supporting our advocates in Washington and children with cancer around the country!

Jessica Kean