"Let Me Grow Up!"

As the Senate deliberates over the American Health Care Act, we at the Children's Cause are asking families impacted by childhood cancer to make their voices heard loud and clear.

The impact of this bill, as passed by the House earlier this month, would be devastating for children with cancer and the nearly 500,000 survivors of childhood cancer. (See our blog post: What Does Trumpcare Mean for Children with Cancer?)

If you're with us in this battle, please consider doing at least one of these things today - right now - to help us defend healthcare for our children:

1.  #LetMeGrowUp: We've been informed of a great new social media campaign by the Tennessee Justice Center and we want to help it gain some traction! The Let Me Grow Up campaign is asking willing families to post a brief video of their child on social media asking their Senators to let them grow up strong and healthy.

You can make your video whatever you'd like but the sample script is very simple: 

Parent: "What do you want to tell Congress?"

Child: "My name is _____. I'm __ years old. I like to {favorite hobby} and I want to be ______ when I grow up. I have childhood cancer. Let me grow up!"

Videos - even very brief ones - have great success at going viral and gaining the attention of Congress. Please be sure to use the hashtag #LetMeGrowUp and make your post public so it can be shared widely. (Let us know in the comments that you posted so WE can share it, too!)

2. Another social media campaign that's been trending is #IamAPreexistingCondition. This works great with a snapshot of your child and a sentence about why quality, affordable healthcare coverage is critical for their survival. 

3.  Finally, Write your Senators directly using our form below. We've drafted the letter for you so you can just add your information and hit 'send,' or feel free to add in a paragraph about your child to personalize your letter.

Thank you for using your voice to help us defend and protect our nation's most vulnerable.