URGENT: Stand with us to defend children with cancer.

We know this is a bold statement but we aren't exaggerating: recent policy proposals out of Washington pose a very real threat to the lives of children with cancer. We need both advocates and donors to step up -- now more than ever before.

Decade upon decade, year upon year, the story of childhood cancer has been one of progress. By investing in medical research, scientists have discovered treatments and cures that previous generations could never have imagined. That progress has accelerated in recent years, spurred by a new era of precision medicine and genomic advances. But as science sits on the cusp of incredible new breakthroughs, we face this terrible possibility:  that we may, by political choice, take real steps backwards. 

Spiking our grave concern are two big policy proposals that you've surely heard of by now: the American Health Care Act and the President's budget blueprint.

Here's where we stand, and how you can help:

The American Health Care Act (AHCA) 

Our position: As a whole, the bill will shift health insurance costs to low and middle-income patients and families, significantly reduce the standards for quality insurance, curtail the Medicaid expansion and - over time - substantially reduce overall Medicaid funding. The AHCA would remove critical financial protections for families facing the crisis of a childhood cancer diagnosis, and that poses significant risks to the access, treatment, and care of children with cancer and survivors. Read our full statement to learn more.

Take action: If you share our concerns, we urge you to join us in reaching out to your Members of Congress about this bill. Write Congress here, and make a donation to help us speak louder on this issue.

President Trump's Budget Blueprint

Our position: The White House‚Äôs recently released budget includes deep cuts to research agencies, eliminating $6 billion (20 percent) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) budget, and $1 billion in cuts to the National Cancer Institute. These cuts would have a devastating impact on childhood cancer research, which is almost entirely dependent on federal funding. 

Take action: Cancer research has always had bipartisan support. Please tell Congress we need them to stand up for the NCI and its life-saving medical research. Write Congress here, and make a donation to amplify our voice on Capitol Hill.

Like every battle for our children's lives, we won't back down without a fight. Can you chip in to strengthen our cause?

Please take action today with your words and with your dollars.

Jessica Kean