#StepUp for the #STARAct

This is a critical week in our community’s mission to make childhood cancer a national priority. Over 200 advocates are in Washington preparing to storm the halls of Congress and they need support from all of us at home backing up their message.

Please join this coordinated community campaign by asking Congress to #StepUp for the #STARAct.

This week’s efforts have real potential to advance the Childhood Cancer STAR Act to the Energy & Commerce Committee for its consideration. With a strong and unified voice, we aim to get this legislation into committee, passed, and onto the House floor.

Please support our advocates in Washington and children with cancer around the country by taking action at home. Here’s how:

     Check the map, then write your Rep: Check the updated map of STAR Act cosponsors.

     If your Member is already signed on, please tell them ‘thanks!’

     If your Member is NOT yet signed on, use the Write Congress widget under the map to ask them to #StepUp and co-sponsor!

     Use the hashtags #StepUp and #STARAct so we can follow along. Visit the image bank to find messages to share.

     Tweet your members of Congress using the Twitter-based action platform SoundOff.

     Get visual: Change your Facebook and Twitter profile photos to the #StepUp image.

     Help us go viral: Share #StepUp posts with your friends and ask them to share with their friends!

Please follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for new posts to share with your friends and family about why we #StepUp for the #STARAct.

For sample tweets and more information, visit the May Campaign Toolkit on the StepUp website.

Children's Cause for Cancer Advocacy is proud to be part of this joint effort of the Alliance for Childhood Cancer and the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer. Please join us as we #StepUp to make our united voices heard on behalf of children with cancer

Jessica Kean