It's Spring: A Time for Growth

Three-year-old Arielle was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor when she was eight days old.

Three-year-old Arielle was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor when she was eight days old.

We're focused this spring on planting the seeds that will grow in the coming months into a new program with strong roots called the Kids Action Network. Members of KAN will receive tools and training to become engaged and effective advocates in Washington, in local communities, and online. 

To help grow this program, we've spent some time this month talking about the power of mobilizing advocates to work together in pursuit of our shared mission of achieving a day when every child with cancer can live a long and healthy life:

Mobilizing families like Elizabeth’s to engage with lawmakers is just one way Children’s Cause for Cancer Advocacy is helping families impacted by childhood cancer find their voice and fight for change.
— CURE Magazine
  • The Huffington Post Parents Blog asked their readers to think about the terrifying reality of childhood cancer in a piece titled "Childhood Cancer - How You Can Help." The post linked to our STAR Act action alert, bringing brand-new supporters to our cause and new voices to Congressional offices. Thank you, HuffPo!


  • Also this month, our CEO George Dahlman appeared on Childhood Cancer Talk Radio to discuss some of the current policy issues in Washington and the power of collaboration in the childhood cancer community. A 45-second clip of the radio show is below, and you can find the full podcast on the Childhood Cancer Talk Radio website. We thank Janet Demeter of Jack's Angels Foundation for the opportunity to invite her listeners to join our grassroots network.

We have exciting plans in store for the Kids Action Network, and we are grateful for these opportunities to invite more passionate people to join our growing ranks of childhood cancer champions.

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