Moments that Define Us: Part Three [Guest Blogger Ted]

ted sibleyIn Part Three of guest blogger Ted Sibley's story of surviving childhood germ cell cancer (Part One), Ted's battle with infertility (Part Two) leads he and his wife in today's installment of this four-part series.

Now, I was a medical student doing 30-hour on-call shifts. Still angry and wounded by the fertility diagnosis, the vigor and laughter that I used to share with the oncology families had vanished. I put on a happy face and tried to give them hope like I once had, but on the inside I was hurting.

Ted_WhoIAmQuoteThe disease I had beaten and put behind me was now staring me in the face again. Only, this time, it was different. I wasn’t dealing with tumors or chemotherapy. This time, cancer took a different approach. It found a different aspect of my life to take from me. And this time, I couldn’t fight infertility with surgery and chemotherapy. My wife and I had to look inside ourselves, at our relationship, and to our strength in God. We had to accept our situation for what it was and determine if we were going to let infertility bring us down or make us stronger.

During my pediatrics rotation, we finally broke. We had attempted a couple of months of fertility treatments, with no success. The emotional price for my wife during that summer and fall had become too high. We also had exhausted our finances trying to become pregnant. At dinner one night, she decided that she had had enough. Previously, we had been involved in international medical teams and traveled throughout Central and South America.

“What are we doing?” she asked. “We are throwing hundreds and thousands of dollars at trying to become pregnant! We’ve seen children without parents and now we desire to be parents and cannot have biological children! Why don’t we build our family through adoption like we talked about during our medical trips?”

And so it was decided. Read on...

TedSibley_Congrats_FBsizeRead Part Three in full here. And keep following this blog for the fourth and final installment of Ted's story - coming very soon!

If you are seeking resources or information about infertility as a childhood cancer survivor or a parent of a child with cancer, please visit our Fertility Information Page.