Our Superbowl MVPs

As we settle in to watch the Seahawks and Patriots face off in Superbowl XLIX, we want to recognize a few special people who've brought childhood cancer to the attention of football fans everywhere: Twitter-Bowl-300x214

Superhero actors Chris Pratt (a Seahawks fan) and Chris Evans (a Patriots fan) made recent news with their Twitter bet over the outcome of the game. If the Seahawks win, Evans will visit Seattle Children's Hospital dressed as Captain America waving the Seahawks flag; if the Patriots win, Pratt will visit Christopher's Haven in Boston dressed as Star-Lord with a Tom Brady jersey.

Pratt and Evans have gotten their fans involved to make the bet about more than team pride. Now deemed "Twitterbowl 2015," fans are asked to donate to Seattle Children's Hospital or Christopher's Haven to see which side can raise the most money for their charity of choice.

Sounds to us like everyone wins!

Photo credit: Seattle Children's Hospital

Speaking of the Seahawks, we also want to highlight quarterback Russell Wilson who spends his Tuesdays at Seattle Children's Hospital visiting with children and their families.

Wilson says of volunteering at the hospital:

"There's more to life than football and winning games. Every single time I'm at the hospital and I get a kid to smile or help a parent relax, it opens up my heart and reminds me how much I receive by being all in at Seattle Children's."

Finally, we continue to keep Leah Still and her Cincinnati Bengals father Devon Still in our thoughts as 4-year-old Leah battles neuroblastoma. The Bengals received widespread accolades last year for keeping the under-performing Still on their practice roster so he could continue providing for his daughter's cancer care under the NFL's generous health benefits package. Since their story made headlines in August, proceeds from the sales of his Bengals' jersey have raised over $1.3 million to benefit childhood cancer research at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

As we gather with friends and family today to cheer on our favorite team (or just enjoy the halftime show!), we send our thanks to Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Russell Wilson, and the Bengals for their "SUPER" job shining a well-deserved spotlight on children with cancer!