#StepUp: The Final Push!

StepUplogoThis is the final post in our special blog series surrounding the 2014 Childhood Cancer Action Day. Join the community-wide campaign asking Congress to#StepUp: Support More Funding for Childhood Cancer Research. Today, we're at the annual meeting of the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer, collaborating with 60 other childhood cancer organizations in pursuit of this shared goal:


Yesterday was an amazing day in Washington, with over 250 childhood cancer advocates fanning out across Capitol Hill to meet with Members of Congress and their staffs as part of the Alliance for Childhood Cancer's annual Action Day.

The community's joint work continues today with the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer's summit. Today is also the final day in the first phase of a coordinated community campaign to virtually storm Congress with the request to #StepUp and fund more research for children's cancers.

At the Children's Cause for Cancer Advocacy, we're honored to have helped plan, coordinate, and participate in this week's events.  We send our sincerest thanks to all those who came out to Washington to join these events in person and to everyone else at home who tweeted, shared, or 'liked' any of the community's #StepUp posts this week.

Thanks to you, over 1,600 tweets were sent to Congress through the SoundOff campaign and nearly 1,000 letters to Congress were delivered through CCCA's action alert alone. If you haven't yet taken action, there's still time!

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This week's #StepUp campaign was just the first phase in what will be a sustained community movement to achieve more funding for childhood cancer research. Stay tuned to find out what the next phase will look like and how you can continue to help us spread the message that our kids are not just little adults: they need targeted research for targeted cures. Together, we can achieve a future where 100% is the survival rate for all kids with cancer.