#StepUp: 100’s of pediatric cancers. Some with 0% survival.

This post is part of a special blog series leading up to Childhood Cancer Action Day. Join the community-wide campaign asking Congress to #StepUp: Support More Funding for Childhood Cancer Research. Leukemia and brain tumors. For much of the general public, these are probably the types of cancer that come to mind when they hear ‘childhood cancer.’ But there are actually 12 major types of childhood cancers, and hundreds of sub-types! This weekend, we ask you to help us spread the message that there are 100’s of different types of cancers in children and for many of those cancers, the current survival rate is 0%.


Some pediatric brain tumors, for example, are terminal upon diagnosis. No new protocols have been developed in 30 years. To be told your child has cancer is nothing less than torture – but to be told your child has cancer and there’s nothing that can be done should be unheard of in 2014.

For other pediatric cancers, such as neuroblastoma, treatment options do exist… but if the cancer progresses or recurs, there’s no second-line of defense. These children need more research and more options.

Some of these pediatric cancers affect just a small handful of kids each year. But just because a disease is rare shouldn’t mean that its diagnosis is automatically fatal. Our kids deserve better. Join us in telling Congress to #StepUp and support more funding for childhood cancer research. It’s the only way we can change the numbers and give hope back to these children and their families.

How You Can #StepUp:

  • Write Congress using our simple Action Alert here.
  • SoundOff your tweets!
  • Spread awareness: Change your social media profile picture to the #StepUp image from now through Wednesday, and keep sharing why childhood cancer research matters using the #StepUp hashtag!

Thank you for taking action!