#StepUp to Stop 71 Years of Life Lost

StepUplogoThis post is part of a special blog series leading up to Childhood Cancer Action Day. Join the community-wide campaign asking Congress to #StepUp: Support More Funding for Childhood Cancer Research. The world recently commemorated the 70th anniversary of D-Day, bringing the international community together in reflection about how much the world has changed and what full lives were lived by those men who survived the storming of the beaches in Normandy. We also rightly mourned the seven lost decades of life for all those who perished.

Today we ask you to let Congress know about the tragedy of losing seven decades of life that is still happening as we speak: When a child dies of cancer, an average of 71 years of life are lost for that child.


These children not only miss out on years of childhood play but also the opportunity to graduate high school, go to college, travel the world, pursue fulfilling careers, start a family of their own and watch their children grow, and – someday – play with grandkids and great-grandchildren while reflecting on a life fully lived.

There’s a whole lot of life to be lived in 71 years. Tell Congress today to #StepUp and give our children the futures they deserve.

How You Can Help:

  • Write Congress using our simple Action Alert here.
  • SoundOff on Twitter with this link.
  • Spread awareness: Change your social media profile picture to the #StepUp image for the next 6 days of this campaign, and keep sharing why childhood cancer research matters using the #StepUp hashtag!

Thank you for taking action!