#StepUp: More Funding for Childhood Cancer Research

StepUplogoA coordinated community effort is underway to storm Congress - on foot and online. Childhood cancer organizations throughout the country are joining together to send Congress the message of #StepUp: More Funding for Childhood Cancer Research. History will be made next week when 250+ advocates come to Washington, D.C. for Childhood Cancer Action Days on June 23-24. In the days leading up to - and continuing through - next week's big event we need your help to make sure our voices are heard loud and clear by members of Congress.

There are many ways for you to help over the next 7 days of this community campaign:

  • Send a letter to your legislators using our easy action alert form, asking them to #StepUp and increase appropriations for NCI and co-sponsor the Caroline Pryce Walker Conquer Childhood Cancer Reauthorization Act.
  • Tweet your members of Congress with a new message each day using the Twitter-based action platform SoundOff. Click to send today's message now! Please note: The SoundOff site is experiencing some technical difficulties. If you get an error message, please continue on to some of the other ways you can take action now...
  • Posting to Twitter or Facebook on your own? That's great! Please use the #StepUp hashtag so we can follow along. Sample tweet: Help us virtually storm Congress! Ask your Reps to #StepUp & support more funding for childhood cancer research: http://bit.ly/1rbULJM
  • Change your Facebook and Twitter profile photos to the #StepUp image.
  • Help us go viral: Share #StepUp posts with your friends and ask them to share with their friends!

Each day of this campaign will feature a different core message for you to tweet, post, and share. Please follow our Facebook and Twitter pages closely so we can send a cohesive message to the Hill each day. Also be sure to check back here on the blog every day for a new post about how you can #StepUp!

CCCA is proud to be part of this groundbreaking coordinated effort, and we thank the many terrific organizations that worked together to make this happen. In the coming week, we'll take one step in a long journey toward more federal research funding and better treatments for kids with cancer.

For some background information on the funding issues at the heart of this campaign, please see:

Please join in this coordinated community effort as we #StepUp in support of funding for childhood cancer research.