Healthcare: SOTU Preview and YOUR Story

Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy In tonight's State of the Union address, President Obama is expected to defend the Affordable Care Act and instill confidence in its implementation. The President will likely talk about the millions of people who have already signed up for coverage, especially those who previously were ineligible because of a pre-existing condition like a cancer diagnosis.

If you or a family member are among the 3 million newly insured through the marketplace, we want to hear from you! Whether your experience has been positive or negative, it will help us be better advocates for families of children with cancer and childhood cancer survivors in the coming months. We've partnered with FamiliesUSA in their "My Coverage Story" initiative to create a story bank that showcases the impact of healthcare reform on families around the country. When you share your story with us, you ensure that the voice and perspective of childhood cancer is part of that larger national story.

Please consider taking a moment to share your story with us here.