TAKE ACTION to Increase Federal Investment in Childhood Cancer Research

action-alert-federalinvestmentAction alert!  Today we bring you the opportunity to make your voice heard about the ongoing budget battle in Congress and its impact on kids with cancer. The Budget Conference Committee is currently meeting to craft the blueprint for federal funding in 2014. Between sequestration and the recent government shutdown, federally funded biomedical research is suffering deep cuts. Click here to tell your Members of Congress to urge members of this committee to reverse sequestration and increase the federal investment in childhood cancer research. Using our simple form you can quickly and easily send Congress an important message:  Don't balance the U.S. budget on the backs of children with cancer!

There are certainly strong allies of our cause in Congress and we had the opportunity to hear from one of those offices yesterday, during a CCCA conference call with approximately 30 advocates from around the country.

Congressional aides spoke to the group about the budget process, upcoming Congressional deadlines and the sequester's impact on the National Institutes of Health. In addition to fewer NIH grants and fewer patients being able to access treatment at the NIH Clinical Center, the uncertainty of federal funding due to sequester is also causing some of the nation's most promising up-and-coming research talent to reconsider whether there's a future for them in the field of cancer research because of funding concerns. The aides told us they've heard from professors, post-docs and PhD students who are deeply concerned about continuity in funding their research programs.

Aides on the call stressed to our advocates that sharing their personal stories about how these budget cuts impact their community and their family is incredibly powerful and effective. So take action today - and ask a friend to do the same!