Open Enrollment for Private Health Insurance is Just Around the Corner!

October 1 begins the period of open enrollment, when you can switch health insurance plans or enroll in a new one (for coverage beginning January 1, 2014).  This year’s open enrollment period is particularly important (and confusing!) as it is the first time you will have a choice to purchase health plans in the new exchanges created by the Affordable Care Act  (click here to find out which programs might suit you and if you are eligible for assistance with your premiums). As you weigh the options available to you and your family, we wanted to highlight some helpful resources that may guide your choices as well as highlight concerns that are of particular importance to children with cancer and survivors.

Your options will heavily depend upon where you live. The KidsWell Campaign website offers easily accessible information broken down by state:

The American Academy of Pediatrics provides a good guide to help you make sure you get the right services covered in your insurance plan: click here

Finally, there are trained individuals available to assist you in understanding the insurance options in your particular state: Navigators, Certified Application Counselors and Insurance Agents.

For more information on Medicaid and CHIP, please stay tuned for a follow-up blog!