Recess: Congress on YOUR Turf

August is a time when Capitol Hill gets quiet, and Congressional district offices get busy! Today, Congress starts its annual 5-week recess, where Members will travel their home districts and states, meeting with constituents, hosting town halls, and attending local fundraisers. For childhood cancer advocates, Congressional recess is a great opportunity to find your legislators near your home town and ask them to remember the needs of kids with cancer when they return to Washington.

What can you do?

  1. Visit your legislator's website (Senators here /Representatives here) to find the phone number of the district office closest to you.
  2. Call and see if they have any openings for meetings with the Member, or find out if there will be any town hall meetings or other public events in your area over the next couple of weeks.
  3. If you will get a chance to see a Senator or Representative this month, brush up on current childhood cancer legislation.* Ask your Congressman to:
        1. Co-sponsor the Caroline Pryce Walker Conquer Childhood Cancer Reathorization Act, to expand research (page 7 of booklet);
        2. Co-sponsor legislation to improve the quality of life for childhood cancer survivors (page 8); and
        3. Join the Congressional Childhood Cancer Caucus, if they are in the House of Representatives (page 11). 

And don't forget to tell us about your plans in the comments!

This week's Roll Call Capitol Quip contest. Click the photo to visit the contest page to submit your caption for the blank box. (Roll Call Gossip Blog)

*The Issues & Advocacy Training Booklet was presented to advocates at the 2013 Childhood Cancer Action Day, hosted by the Alliance for Childhood Cancer earlier this summer.