Survivor Spotlight: 16-year-old Sawyer

"I've built up a certain level of confidence, a certain level of speaking skills about how you talk to your Congresspeople."

That's 16 year old brain tumor survivor Sawyer Shader-Seave in an interview this morning with a California radio station about his experience at this year's Childhood Cancer Action Days, hosted by the Alliance for Childhood Cancer, of which CCCA is a member organization.

Sawyer Shader-Seave, Photo Credit: Sacramento Bee

This was Sawyer's second year lobbying in DC for childhood cancer issues and the experience has empowered him as a survivor.

His advice to other kids dealing with cancer?

"You really just have to work on and think about all the good things in your  life and the good things that can happen after [treatment]. My life after cancer has been really spectacular."

California native Sawyer says he hopes to be back in DC again next year. We hope so too, Sawyer!