Do-good celebrities

In the weeks leading up to our Reception for Children with Cancer on June 25, I was receiving a lot of RSVP's and donations for the event which means I was seeing the names of all our supporters and attendees. I recognized a lot of names but it was also exciting to see so many new names. To me, CCCA's donors are like do-good celebrities; I know their names but rarely get to meet them - except at events like our DC Reception. The Reception was a wonderful way to meet some of our local supporters face-to-face, hear their stories and get to know them as more than a name on a piece of paper.

Maureen Lilly with guests at DC Reception

Our donors and advocates are fighting for better legislation for our kids, making their voices heard about key issues and supporting our ongoing work for children with cancer. I am humbled by their passion and generosity.

So the next time you support the Children’s Cause for Cancer Advocacy, know that you are a celebrity not just to us but to the children, survivors and families overcoming this disease. Thanks, and I hope we can meet each other soon!