Rescission Package Seeks $7 Billion in CHIP Cuts

The White House has sent the first of several rescission packages to Congress, formally requesting that Congress cut funding that they've previously approved. This first package contains $7 billion in cuts to the Children's Health Insurance Program, including $2 billion from CHIP's Child Enrollment Contingency Fund, which is meant to ensure states have access to funds if there is a higher-than-expected enrollment.

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Jessica Kean
What is Melanoma Monday?

During Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) designates the first Monday of May to raise awareness of melanoma and other types of skin cancer and to encourage early detection through self-exams.

According to the National Cancer Institute, about 500 children are diagnosed with pediatric melanoma each year. This accounts for about 2% of childhood cancers.

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Childhood Cancer Action Days 2018 is Here!

On Tuesday, April 24th, over 200 advocates from 37 states will be hitting the Hill to advocate on behalf of kids with cancer and their families.

The Childhood Cancer Survivorship, Treatment, Access and Research (STAR) Act, the most comprehensive childhood cancer legislation ever taken up by Congress, passed the Senate in March. Now we are calling on the House to follow suit so we can get this life-saving legislation signed into law. You can amplify the impact of our meeting messages with phone calls and social media posts from home! (Use hashtags #STARAct and #StepUp)

Here is how you can participate:

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Rescission Watch: Take action to protect cancer research funding!

We joined with other research advocates to thank Congressional appropriations leaders for securing an unprecedented $3 billion increase in NIH funding as part of the FY2018 omnibus spending bill. This boost to medical research funding comes at a critical time, as advances in precision medicine hold the key to more children surviving and thriving after a cancer diagnosis than ever before.

But then, we started hearing a term called 'rescission' thrown around in Washington. An appropriations process that we had celebrated as a victory for medical research suddenly started to sound not-so-final. 

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Breaking down the Budget: Implications on Public Health

For those of us in the childhood cancer community desperate for new treatments, one of the most important resources is the National Cancer Institute (NCI). The vast majority of childhood cancer research is funded by the NCI, which provides grants to researchers and supports cooperative groups that test new treatments in clinical trials. While Congress doesn't determine the exact amount of funding NCI will spend on pediatric research, a rising tide of funding will ensure that more is dedicated to childhood cancer research. That's why it's critical that we impress upon our representatives the urgency of NCI funding...

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Tips for Town Halls while Congress is in Recess

Through the first full week of April. If you're interested in meeting with your Congressional representatives about childhood cancer issues - or anything else - these district work periods are ideal times to find your Senators and Representative somewhere near you!

If you'd like to meet with your Member of Congress while they're home next week to share your childhood cancer story, here's a good place to start: CCCA's Guide to Congressional District Office Visits...

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