the american health care act

Update: The House narrowly passed this legislation on May 4th and it now moves on to the Senate. Our action alert below is targeted specifically at the U.S. Senate. Please join us in speaking up to your Senators!

The only solution for cancer patients is a system that provides them reliable access to adequate and affordable health insurance coverage. The revised American Health Care Act (AHCA) would result in gutting pre-existing condition protections (even with the Upton or MacArthur amendments), 24 million Americans losing health care, eliminating essential health benefits, and decimating the Medicaid program.

The AHCA would remove critical financial protections for families facing the crisis of a childhood cancer diagnosis. Maintaining current Medicaid coverage and adequately funding state programs are critical to providing children with cancer and childhood cancer survivors life saving and enhancing treatments. 

From a Cancer Leadership Council letter we signed on to on May 4th: "Due to the inadequacy of the AHCA in protecting cancer patients’ access to appropriate cancer care, we oppose the legislation.  We urge Members of Congress to stand with cancer patients and others with pre-existing conditions by rejecting this legislation."